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Awards and Fees
Physiotherapy prices
for self-payers

physiotherapy will for Privately insured, those entitled to benefits and self-payers are offered. As a privately insured person, you will receive an invoice based on the service (e.g. physiotherapy, manual therapy, heat, fango, cold, hot roll, etc.), which you can submit to your private insurance company as usual.

For self-payers, a treatment costs EUR 29 and lasts 20 minutes.

Prices for naturopathic treatments for self-paying patients

For self-paying I offer a fixed hourly rate, from which the treatment costs are then calculated as follows.

60 minutes     87,-

40 minutes     58,-

20 minutes     29,-    

With some types of treatment, the material costs can lead to additional costs, about which you will be informed in advance.

Naturopathic prices
initial assessment
for self-payers

Before most treatments, a detailed initial assessment is necessary.

The price includes the time frame for the diagnosis, examination, anamnesis and their subsequent evaluation and creation of the therapy concept.


40 minutes       €58

60 minutes       €87

80 minutes      €116

Physiotherapy prices
in private patients

The treatment of private patients is not finally regulated by a fee schedule, not even by the GOÄ. The regulations of the BGB on the service contract apply. Billing is based on the overview of fees for therapists (GebüTH) and corresponds to 1.8 or 2.3 times the standard rate (as of 2019). The Rolf Stadler practice does not have any subsidy rates for physiotherapy! We recommend patients entitled to benefits to issue an invoice via the GebüH.

Our practice's own price list is part of this contract. A binding fee agreement is made on the basis of this price list and the respective prescription from a doctor or alternative practitioner


Fee per


physiotherapy      20 min                  €38.00*

connective tissue massage  20 min                   €33.30*


Manual therapy      30 min                   45.63€*

massages             20 min                   27.72€*


lymphatic drainage         30 min         


                    45 mins                   €69.16*                      

                    60 mins                   €92.21*       



treatment                                   €29.38*     


traction              10 mins                    11.07€*         

electrotherapy         20 min                   €10.80*             



in case of paralysis         10 mins                    13.32€*


Ultrasonic             10 mins                    €18.79*                   





by means of radiators          20 min                    €9.52*

heat pack         20 min


cold therapy           20 min






remedy combination

nation D1              60 mins                   €90.31*


home visit in

Facility                                   €20.88*  


home visit                                  32.02€*


*The prices correspond to 1.8 times the standard rate.    


If there are problems with the full reimbursement when billing your health insurance company, please note

please read the judgments at the following link judgements/                          

Eligible for aid?

“Benefit rates” refer to additional payments made by the state to its employees. The concept of aid already shows that 100% reimbursement of costs cannot be meant here. The "aid rates" are set by the state without the involvement of the individual practices or their professional associations. I have no influence on the determination of the "aid rates". The "aid rates" can therefore not be used as a benchmark for treatment prices. I would also like to point out that even the Federal Ministry of the Interior, as the authority responsible for determining the federal subsidy rates, published a press release in 2004 that civil servants would have to make a personal contribution to therapeutic products in that they would have to pay the difference between the non-cost-covering eligible subsidies maximum rates and the actual costs would have to be borne.


Press release of the Federal Ministry of the Interior from February 7th, 2004

“... It is true that civil servants are just as burdened by rising healthcare costs as any other citizen. Officials initially pay for medicines in pharmacies entirely out of their own pockets. 50% of this amount is reimbursed by private health insurance. The legislator has not provided for any limitation of the costs through co-payments. The costs of this private health insurance are therefore increasing unchecked, at the beginning of the year by around 10% for many civil servants. The other half of the costs are reimbursed by the subsidy. This corresponds to the employer's contribution to statutory health insurance. The additional payments are deducted from the invoice amount. This procedure has existed since the previous government introduced it. It has not been changed even now, as all sides have always considered it correct.

For aids, there have been unchanged maximum amounts for a long time, which do not cover the actual costs and thus automatically lead to an additional payment from the official. (Note: This also applies to the so-called remedies, which include physiotherapy.)

The assertion that the special regulations are hidden in the small print is also false. Rather, the entire state aid rules are publicly available to everyone

"The aid only supplements reasonable personal provision," it even says on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI). And that really says it all. Although many patients see the benefit as comprehensive insurance, this is not the case. It is expressly politically desired that patients take on their own share - just like the statutory health insurance patients do through co-payments.  In this way, politicians want to signal that assisted patients should not be better off than statutory health insurance patients.

Too expensive?

NO! The ones specified here Prices are absolutely in line with what is usual.
With me you will receive individual support from a highly qualified therapist with many advanced training courses and many years of professional experience.
In addition, the treatment times are significantly longer than those of statutory insured patients. My many years of experience, ongoing expensive further training and successes clearly show that you and your health are in the best of hands with me.

Your PKV should also respect this. Incidentally, your PKV may not suggest any other practice or recommend going to a "cheaper" practice, because the PKV may not limit its obligation to provide benefits to the most cost-effective treatment method (see also BGH judgment). You have the free choice of practice, i.e. therapist!

The prices I charge are calculated according to purely business aspects in order to be able to offer you the best possible, qualified therapy. It is my aim to make my entire competence available to you. However, I will not intervene in the insurance relationship between you and your private health insurance company.
Which tariffs or which reimbursement volume do you have with your private health

have agreed on security is beyond my knowledge. The argument often put forward by private health insurance companies that invoicing is not appropriate or excessive is absolutely incorrect in my case.

If your PKV does not want to reimburse you for the full amount of the invoice, file an objection. The courts have ruled in favor of the insured person in this regard in recent years.


Aktualisiert Februar 2023

Die Praxis TheraMundi by - Rolf Stadler - bietet Physiotherapie, Naturheilkunde, traditionelle chinesische Medizin, Akupunktur, Schmerztherapie u.v.m. im Raum Neu-Ulm und Günzburg an.
Sie finden mich im Weiler Weg 14, 89335 Ichenhausen, Bayern/Bavaria,
Ich berate Sie gerne und individuell!

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