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Why physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can cure or prevent diseases through active or passive movement. This is important in my holistic therapeutic approach. Movement brings you into balance, whether on a physical, mental or energetic level.

In the past few years, I have continued to qualify myself to provide you with the best possible physical care with individual and holistic therapy concepts and medical expertise. In addition to technically demanding work, I also consider the clarification in the initial consultation, atmosphere and motivation to be an important building block for the success of the therapy.


I look after privately insured patients, but you can also mine as self-payers  Services  take advantage of.

With me you are in good hands.





Telefonische Anmeldung unter 08223/9624555

My physiotherapy services include:


  • physiotherapy

  • massage  

  • Lymphatic drainage for lymphatic and   Lipoedema and/or traumatic   conditional  edema

  • taping

  • Individually adapted (proprietary)  exercise programs

  • manual therapy  

  • thermal applications

  • electrotherapy

  • Functional kinetics according to Susanne Klein  Vogelbach

  • Preventive vascular and  Circulation therapy for CVI and PAVK and in the  post-treatment  of removing varicose veins

  • Pelvic floor exercises for continence  and potency problems

  • Drainage storage to the pulmonary        Promotion of secretion flow in lung diseases

  • support during pregnancy,  childbed and  recovery time

  • inhalations

  • respiratory therapy

  • jaw therapy

  • Advice on workplace ergonomics

  • aesthetic body shaping  

  • PNF

I will consistently expand this offer in the future with further training. Because your health is important to me.

Aktualisiert Februar 2022


The private practice for holistic therapies - Rolf Stadler - offers physiotherapy, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, pain therapy and much more in the Neu-Ulm and Günzburg area.
You can find me at Jägerweg 17, 89297 Roggenburg, Bayern/Bavaria,
I would be happy to advise you individually!

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