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Heilpraktiker Rolf Stadler Physiotherapeut

Rolf-Roland Stadler

physiotherapist and naturopath,
Lymph and decongestion therapist.

Telefonische Anmeldung unter 08223/9624555

I am pleased to welcome you to the homepage of my practice.

Naturopathy has always had a high priority in my family and has a long tradition.  

During the summer holidays with my grandparents in the Allgäu, we always went hiking to collect herbs and processed them for use within the family.

Then, about 20 years ago, I first came into contact with acupuncture and Chinese medicine during my physiotherapy training. The topics of health and healing fascinated me more and more over the years. Also because I often knew how I could have helped my patients with problems that physiotherapy could not solve, but was not legally allowed to do so for good reason. A few years ago, this led to the decision to start training as a naturopath. During my training, I deepened my knowledge of Chinese medicine.


In 2020 I completed my further training as a holistic pain therapist.


The desire  of people is more and more likely to use alternative therapies to supplement or even replace conventional medicine. I personally understand this  but not in competition with conventional medicine. But I believe that the body, mind and soul must be in harmony in order to be completely healthy. Therefore, in addition to curative care, prevention has a high priority in my therapy.  


Therefore, the holistic approach is particularly important to me. Holistic therapy sees the human being as a unity of body, soul and spirit. therefore I want to help patients on all levels to really transform the causes of illness and not just fight symptoms. In addition, we see ourselves as a prevention practice and motivate people to do something holistic for their health before illness occurs.


My holistic approach sees people as a unity of body, soul and spirit. My practice focuses on traditional Chinese medicine techniques to establish meridian balance, physical and mental detoxification and the treatment of chronic pain (Algesia), for example through acupuncture, physiotherapy, phytotherapy, orthomolecular medicine (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) and pain-distancing hypnosis .


The search for causes and connections is my primary concern. For example, I have a lot of experience with the connections between different organs and body systems (e.g. back pain and intestines/liver, headaches and liver/kidneys, thyroid gland and intestines and heavy metal pollution). And also psychosomatic components.

My goal is your well-being and health.

   Nice that you exist!


Die Praxis Thera Mundi - Rolf Stadler - bietet Physiotherapie, Naturheilkunde, traditionelle chinesische Medizin, Akupunktur, Schmerztherapie u.v.m im Raum Neu-Ulm und Günzburg an. Sie finden mich im

Weilerweg 14 (nähe V-Markt)

89335 Ichenhausen



Ich berate Sie gerne und individuell!

Telephone registration and advice on 0177 75 38 26 8

Aktualisiert Februar 2023


2022 Advanced training in aesthetics                  augmentative wrinkle injections and           lipolysis.

2021 Opening of my practice

2021 Qi Gong instructor training

2019 Large specialist training on the holistic
      Pain therapists with the content:
      -Neural therapy
      -Tuina massage
      -Nutritional advice  
      -Relaxation therapy
      -back workout
      -Medical taping

2017  Training to become a naturopath

2015- Establishment of a practice on behalf of and         2021  their management as professional management.
2006- work as a therapist in the iP area 

2006 Large specialist training in lymphatic and          compression therapists

2003- Training to become a certified  Physio-     2006  therapists with specializations
      -manual therapy


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